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We offer a wide range of services that are entirely based on your needs! Please get in contact with us to get more information.
Electronics repairs for gold coast and brisbane


We specialise in repairing all kinds of amplifiers, pedals, guitars, pro audio equipment and much more. Please get into contact with us if you have something for repair.

The best Electric guitar set up and modifications


Our speciality is in setting up your instruments and amplifiers. We can set up your electric, acoustic guitar/bass to perfection as well as fine tuning your instruments with the player in mind.

Tube Amplifier modifications


We offer a vast array of modification options to your instruments and amplifiers. We can modify your amplifier to improve the tone, but more importantly tweak the amp to suit the specific voice of the player. We offer guitar modifications also, including pickup modifications/swaps and hardware.

Servicing guitar amps and guitars the best in gold coast brisbane and southport


We offer serving to your valve and solid state guitar/bass amplifiers to ensure they are operating at their best! We are not limited to just guitar related equipment - We also service pro audio gear, electronics and much more

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